Individualized checklists, assigned manager, periodic inspections and the same cleaner every time!

At AMR, we know that a clean office not only reputes the companies image but shows a warm welcoming for customers, employees and people alike. You hired a company to look at details other companies do not. We train all Janitors to clean bathroom vents, baseboards, dust underneath desks and chairs.. etc.

We will create a cleaning checklist individualized for your office facility. At the same time, supervisors and/or managers will supervise on the Janitors as part of the Quality Assurance Program.

Upon request, we can provide other essentials such as toilet paper, soaps, multi fold towels, trash liners and more. You will save time, money, and stress hiring AMR Janitorial as your service provider.

Meanwhile as an office manager, assistant, owner or coordinator. You want to spend time focusing on more important tasks. Hire us to micromanage the Cleaning and delegate the cleaning so you can focus on what is more important in your business.